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Dear Colleagues,

Throughout the world, agriculture is rapidly changing. Technological improvements should enable the farm sector to satisfy the growing demand for food; however, postharvest losses cause a dramatic reduction in food availability. Wrong handling may lead to direct financial loss for growers, postharvest operators and marketers. Even intermittent and unpredictable postharvest disorder occurring in the market may undermine trade confidence in the product causing downward price pressure.

Lately, the Indian government stated that nearly 35-40% of the fruits and vegetables produced in the country are wasted. While, according to the Indian Council on Agricultural Research (ICAR), the maximum loss in fruits and vegetables range between 12.4 to 18%. Such unnecessary loss may be eliminated by using right technologies to maintain fruit and vegetable quality.

This conference focuses on problems related to fresh, dry and processed agricultural products, both plant- and animal-derived, that are intended for export as well as for local markets. We would like to understand how food may best be protected against undesirable changes. We also would like to learn ways to improve food quality and to preserve its nutritional value. Our education should include the development of new innovative methods of preservation and treatment in order to maintain structure, firmness, color, taste, aroma, and to eliminate diseases and disorder; all to meet the demands of increasing sophisticated markets.

India, with her remarkable economic growth in the last decade, still largely relies on her agriculture. Thus, the Indian farm sector including farmers, packing houses, retailers and exporters must adopt new technologies in order to reduce losses and supply better food for the world-growing population.

The conference presents keynote speakers, a panel discussion, poster presentations and industry presentations that relate to academics and industry representatives alike. The topics highlight innovative ways to reduce postharvest losses by using new technologies for cleaning, packing, storing and shipping, which all provide better and safer food for the Indian population.

The conference takes place within the framework of the Agritech Asia Agricultural exhibition.
I am excited about the upcoming conference and look forward to meeting you in person.

Best regards,

Sanyal Desai
Radeecal Communications